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An on-time Volvo oil change is one of the most crucial things you can do to stay on top of your prized vehicle's maintenance. So is finding a service center you can trust. At Giles Volvo Cars El Paso, that's what we offer you. Contact us to set up a convenient, competitively-priced oil change service today.

Welcome to Your Volvo Oil Change Center

We're proud to provide value-packed service coupons, unparalleled quality work, and exceptional customer service. Our expert technicians are intimately familiar with the inner workings of your vehicle, and we're just as knowledgeable about what drivers like you look for in a service center: convenience, comfort, and confidence. Your oil change will be completed in a flash, and during that short wait, you'll enjoy a comfortable, modern lounge that makes it all a breeze.

Not all engine oil is the same, and we only use the best, manufacturer-recommended oil for the task. You can drive on with confidence, knowing that your vehicle will run smoothly and that your next oil change with us will be an easy, enjoyable service. And it'll be just as friendly on your wallet; check out our oil change coupons and parts specials to save on this essential maintenance.

How to Determine Your Volvo Oil Change Interval

Volvo oil change frequency varies depending on your vehicle and the type of oil used. Typically, with synthetic oil, the interval will be around every 7,500 miles or after six months regardless of mileage; your owner's manual will contain detailed information for your specific vehicle. If any of the following signs are displayed by your vehicle, though, you may need an oil change sooner:

  • Loud or unusual noises can be heard coming from the engine.
  • Strange odors like a burning scent are coming from the engine.
  • The oil change light (if equipped) is illuminated.
  • The oil dipstick is coated in a darker, brownish color rather than a clear amber hue.

As well, the following driving conditions may affect your engine oil's health and, in turn, may affect your Volvo oil change interval:

  • The majority of your drives are short trips.
  • You frequently drive on dusty roads.
  • You frequently drive on rough, uneven roads.
  • You frequently drive in extreme humidity.

A Volvo oil change is essential to vehicle health. Our service advisors can help determine when your next oil change should be performed based on your driving habits and specific vehicle.

Find a Convenient Volvo Oil Change in El Paso, TX

We don't just make your oil change easy; we make every other service your vehicle may need equally convenient. From our comprehensive selection of genuine Volvo parts to our state-of-the-art facility, you'll find it all with us. We want your Volvo vehicle to provide you with a driving experience you'll love in the long term. Schedule a convenient oil change service with us today.

Frequently Asked Volvo Oil Change Questions

What kind of oil do Volvo cars use?

Volvo cars use high-quality synthetic oil to keep everything running smoothly. Specifically, Volvo Cars recommends Castrol EDGE synthetic oil for many different models. At Giles Volvo Cars El Paso, we use the highest quality manufacturer-recommended oil for your vehicle, as well as a genuine Volvo oil filter to keep her free from contaminants.

How long can a Volvo car go without an oil change?

A Volvo oil change is crucial to vehicle health and should typically be performed every six months, regardless of how many miles you've driven. That said, Volvo Cars recommends that most Volvo vehicles receive an oil change after around 7,500 to 10,000 miles of driving. Your owner's manual will contain detailed information regarding the oil change interval for your specific vehicle.

How often does a Volvo XC90 need an oil change?

Your Volvo XC90 oil change interval will vary depending on the model year and the powertrain she rides on. Your Volvo XC90 will typically require an oil change after around 7,500 to 10,000 miles when using manufacturer-recommended synthetic oil.

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