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Your source for genuine Volvo parts is right here; our Volvo parts department has you covered no matter your needs. Whether you know the exact part needed or are looking for assistance, our team will make the process one of convenience and precision every time. Better yet, there's no need to worry about it being the right fit. We only carry genuine auto parts, and we know your vehicle inside and out. At our parts department, you'll get the exact match for your vehicle every time.

We're your one-stop shop for all your Volvo parts needs, and when it comes time to install them, you'll find that same friendly service, precise knowledge, and quality work when you stop by our Volvo service center. Contact us, or order your parts online today.

Quality OEM Volvo Parts Make for Quality Volvo Service

We've seen it frequently at our Volvo parts department; some parts require replacement more often than others. We won't know which parts your vehicle needs without an inspection at our service center, but there's a list of commonly replaced parts that we see with most vehicles. We won't give you a generic solution to the issue, but we will provide the highest quality OEM parts available for your vehicle.

When you stop by for a service, our team will be happy to help you find that part you need. Even better, you can score a deal on both the parts and service work with our Volvo service deals and parts coupons.

Here are several such common parts that your vehicle may need:

Oil and Air Filters

Oil keeps your engine running smoothly, and air combines with fuel vapors to start the internal combustion process. If either of these filters is compromised, problems can arise. That's why every oil change involves a new oil filter, and engine air filters are common to replace. Another air filter is for your cabin air. These filters can all become clogged as you drive and are key to a smooth and clean ride. We offer them, and coupons on them at our Volvo parts department.

Brake Pads

No safety feature is as important as your brakes, and brake pads are an integral part of the system. They use a friction-generating surface to bring you to a stop. This surface wears down over time, causing the brake pads to lose their effectiveness. Replacing them on time is a critical service task, and if you hear a grinding, squealing, or chirping noise as you brake, it's time for new OEM-spec brake pads from our Volvo parts dealership.


Your Volvo vehicle is a technological marvel. More computing power than was used in the Space Race goes into one, and all that electronic wizardry requires power. Your battery will supply that power for years on end but can start to lose performance after around five years. An exhausted battery is an inconvenience that ranges from a slow-to-start engine to a vehicle that won't turn on at all. When the time comes, our Volvo parts center has the perfect battery for your high-tech Volvo vehicle.

Wiper Blades

All-weather confidence relies on seeing the road ahead. Wiper blades are key to a clear view when precipitation hits. They can lose their flexibility, and as a result, their effectiveness over time. If yours aren't cleaning your windshield like they used to, our inventory of Volvo original parts has the right wiper blades for your vehicle.

Wheels and Tires

Putting the rubber to the road is what gets you moving. Tires lose their tread depth as you drive, and their rubber compound can degrade as the years pass. A new set of tires is essential for a smooth and in-control ride and is easy on the wallet with our Volvo parts coupons. The wheel, sometimes called a rim, is just as important, and we have an OEM selection for you to choose from to boost your style or maintain optimal performance.

Find the Parts You Need in El Paso, TX, Today

The above list is just a small selection of the parts our Volvo parts department offers you and your vehicle. From headlight bulbs to windshields, use our contact form to inquire about a certain part, or browse our catalog of parts and accessories. Once you've found and ordered the right one, schedule a service with us, and our team of experts will help solve any problems your vehicle may face. Stop by Giles Volvo Cars El Paso today for all your Volvo parts needs.

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