Volvo Battery Replacement Service in El Paso, TX

Giles Volvo Cars takes Volvo battery replacement seriously. This essential component of your vehicle's operating health can take a beating in our area. From frigid desert nights to soaring summer temps, your battery is under a lot of stress to keep your vehicle's systems operating as they should. Don't get caught with a bad battery. There are plenty of symptoms and signs that indicate it's on its way out. Our Volvo Service Department has the story as you scroll:

Volvo Battery Replacement is So Important

We all know the classic battery issue. You head out to your vehicle one morning, and you go to fire her up and zip, zilch, nada. In most cases, a jump-start gets you going again, and that's that. If this scenario persists, it might be time to come in for a Volvo battery change as other issues might be contributing to failure. Let's take a look at what our shop has to say about common symptoms and our service:

Strange Occurrences And Computer Systems On The Fritz

With over 70 modules on board a modern Volvo vehicle, constant power needs must be met. Shouldn't Volvo battery replacement take care of all these peculiar occurrences like intermittent alarm issues and more? Not necessarily. Your alternator is responsible for maintaining system voltage while your vehicle is running. If something is wrong with the alternator and its ability to transmit power, all sorts of things might happen. Don't get risk getting stuck on the side of the road. Let us use the latest diagnostics to pinpoint the problem.

A Premium Vehicle Deserves Premium Parts

You've already made the right choice to own a Volvo vehicle. You bought her because all of them outclassed any of the other choices. Why compromise that quality when it comes time to service them? We only use Volvo OEM parts to get the job done right. Parts provided by the manufacturer are built to last and conform to all pre-set standards. Not only that, our parts coupons will help you save and keep prices competitive. Don't sacrifice. Thanks to Giles Volvo Cars, you don't have to.

Volvo Battery Replacement And?

In a perfect world, batteries should last about 2-4 years. If something occurred shortly after a new vehicle purchase, then your new Volvo battery warranty might kick in to help you with any extra costs. However, if it's time for a replacement, there could also be other things needed considering the milestone. For instance, if you haven't had a brake inspection in a while, having one done while your battery is getting changed is a wise idea. If you can't remember the last time you've gotten an oil change service, then definitely do the right thing for your vehicle and combine a few service appointments into one visit.

Volvo Battery Replacement FAQs

Did you know that your Volvo vehicle might not start again if you install a battery from the neighborhood parts center? Don't get stuck in some random parking lot because they don't have the diagnostics to recalibrate your vehicle's lockout & theft sensors. Here are some other handy tips to help make your master of Volvo battery replacement:

What type of battery does a Volvo XC60 take?

Depending on your year and trim, you might need two batteries when it comes time for Volvo XC60 battery replacement. You'll need the primary 12-V battery found under the hood, but you might also need the 48-V support battery, which is located in the trunk. A word of caution: the 48-V support battery should only be changed by a qualified technician.

What size battery does a Volvo car take?

Great question! With nearly 100 years of vehicle production and countless models to choose from, there are many possibilities when it comes to the type of battery your vehicle needs. To quickly help you identify the correct type of battery, please call one of our service advisors with your VIN. Additionally, you can check your owner’s manual for exact specifications.

How long does a Volvo Car battery last?

Let's keep it simple and talk about the Volvo XC90 battery, which uses the latest absorbent glass mat technology. With inspections and proper care, an AGM battery is designed to last for up to six years.

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